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Sounds Visual Music is a library of quality royalty free British production library music designed for broadcast producers and editors.

Free from the hassles of sync licensing forms, MCPS, PPL etc – the Sounds Visual Music library is all pre-cleared for broadcast use, and we are a BBC approved non-MCPS library for BBC in-house editors and producers.

To gain access to the music simply apply on the registration page here. Once a member you will be able to log in and immediate audition and download any of the music from the library to use in your broadcast productions for free. All we ask is that you ensure that the composer name and track details are passed to the broadcast company in the normal so that they can male their return to the Performing Right Society.

We also offer a free service whereby if you tell us the sort of music you are looking for we will put together a selection of tracks for you to download and audition for your production. We have access to a much larger catalogue of music here than is currently available on the website.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please click here or you can call Jonathan on 01225 470011.

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