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A resource of free royalty free music – non-mcps production music for broadcast programmes

Each time a piece of music is broadcast in the UK (and in virtually every other country in the world) the broadcast company normally pay a royalty to a performance rights organisation. In the UK this is the Performing Right Society (PRS). PRS then distribute this royalty to the composer and or the publisher of the music. Most broadcasting companies like the BBC pay a blanket fee to the PRS each year. This royalty does not cost you the production company, or freelance producer or editor etc anything – it is paid by the broadcast company.

An example

You join as a member and freely download a track from the library called ‘Forever Free’ and use it on a programme to be broadcast on BBC TV. When you supply your film to the BBC you identify clearly what music is used on a cue sheet (as normal)  and include the composer name and track title etc. The BBC will then notify PRS that they have played this music and the rightful composer will earn some royalties.

So that’s how we earn a crust from allowing our members to download the music for free. All we depend on is you the production company or producer ensuring that if you do use a piece of our music, you clearly identify the composer name and track title when supplying your production to the broadcast company.


All the free royalty free music available to our members on this site is 100% owned by Sounds Visual Music Ltd and is all registered with the Performing Right Society. Members are granted a non-exclusive licence to use the music on their productions without payment of any licensing fees in line with the copyright and licensing terms of membership.


None of the music in the library requires a MCPS or PPL licence to use in your productions – you may transfer /  dub the music onto your productions as many times as you like.

If you have any questions about licensing please contact Jonathan via the contact page.

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