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Free to download sound effect collections

Room tones and Interior Atmos


Transport FX

Tones Foley Pops Count-ins

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Other sources of sound effects

YoPo Music & Sound Effects
British Sound Effects
Explore the world’s largest collection of royalty-free stock video and creative assets.
Audiojungle have a huge amount of sounds from just $1.
Professional sound effects libraries for use in films, games and interactive projects

Music and Studio Services in Bath

Production Music Library
BBC Approved, free to download and free to dub onto broadcast productions, all SVM library music is pre-cleared and non-MCPS. Music

Search Service
Let us do the work and provide you with a playlist of suggested music.
If you let us have some details about the sort of music you are looking for, we will prepare a playlist of tracks for you to audition. This is a free service.

Sound Effects
We have been recording, creating and producing sound effects for over 25 years. There are some free FX bundles on the Sounds Visual Music site but all our sound effects are available for purchase and immediate download from our sister site YoPo Music –

ISDN & Source Connect Voiceover Studio Hire
At SVM in Bath we have a voiceover booth equipped with the industry standard voice work microphones – Neumann U87 and Sennheiser MKH416.
More details and booking here.
The booth also has a screen for ADR work. We have completed voiceover, ADR and post production work for BBC, ITV, Warner Bros and independent production companies including:

  • Andrew Lincoln (ADR for Walking Dead)
  • F. Murray Abraham (Homeland) Commercials
  • Rufus Hound (Com for Extreme Cake Makers)
  • Tony Head (ADR for Guilt)
  • Ashley Jenson (Facelifts and Fillers – BBC)
  • Ophelia Lovibond (ADR – Hooten & the Lady)